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Security lighting - protect your premises

Author: Paul Marchant
Published: October 16, 2012

Whether you're out to protect your home or business, security lighting is one of the most simple and effective ways to keep your premises safe. The only problem is that there's a vast array of security lighting solutions out there. They range from 'basic' lighting deterrents that light up a designated area to 'all singing and dancing' lighting systems that as well as providing illumination can also record visual evidence of any would-be intruders, and even warn unsuspecting passers-by that they are straying where they shouldn't.

To work out exactly what sort of security lighting system you would benefit most from investing in, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you need to light-up a small area, such as a doorway, or a much wider expanse? Do you want to see recordings of any unexpected goings-on? Is having a low-energy rig a top concern?

Simply a deterrent

If you're after something fairly basic, you don’t need to spend a great deal to get something high quality. For just over £20, you can buy the Lyco Apollo, one of our most popular lights for homeowners who are after easy and simple home security.

The Apollo is a small and attractive security light, without the aggressive looks of some more business-focused alternatives. Like most systems, it uses a passive Infrared sensor – a PIR – to detect nearby movement.

Its detection zone spans 120 degrees and has a range of 12m. As this might be a bit much for many buildings, the sensor is fully adjustable, both vertically and horizontally, to help avoid unnecessary tripping of the security light.

Although the Apollo is among the more friendly-looking of security light setups, it's remarkably tough. Constructed of ABS plastic and certified to IP44 standard, it can handle rough weather and a few hard knocks - and still soldier on. It's also easy to maintain as it uses a standard bayonet fitting that can handle bulbs up to 100W.

Let there be floodlight

If you want something a little more powerful and are willing to work with something a little bolder-looking, our LED Wall Mounted Floodlights offer greater power and flexibility. Unlike the Apollo security light, this one brings pan and tilt of the fitting to the mix, giving you much greater control over the throw of the light.

It offers greater power potential too. The Wall Mounted Floodlight comes in single and dual floodlight configurations, letting you whack the power output up to 200W if needed, and the PIR sensor's range is wider too – a full 180 degrees. As they use low-power 8W LED lights, running costs are extremely low for such a strong-blast light.

Low power – high security

There are ways to keep on-going costs even lower, too. We offer a number of security lights that use solar power to reduce the stain on your mains, and your wallet in the long-run. Lights like the Prato and EVO36 do not connect to the mains. Instead they have a solar panel that powers a battery which powers the light. Fully geared-up to cope with the often terrible UK weather, they have been calibrated to charge when it's a bit cloudy, as well as when the sun is out in force.

Both the Prato and EVO36 bring features that ensure the battery will go the distance too. The dawn-to-dusk sensor stops charge from draining unnecessarily during the daytime, and you have control over how long the light stays on after the sensor spots movement.

There are specific benefits to each, though. The Prato comes in both single and dual light arrangements, each adjustable to let them point in whichever direction is required. The 150W-equivalent LED EVO36 only has the one adjustable lamp, but there's a long 5m cable between the solar panel and the lamp, while the Prato's cable is just 1.8m.

The top guard dog

These are just basic security lights in comparison to what's available if you're willing to spend a little more. The extra features of something like the popular GuardCam Security Floodlight make it perfect for the business owner looking for peace of mind.

It offers all the key features of the other lights we've covered, including weatherproofing, a powerful floodlight and a great intruder-finding sensor, and a lot more besides. Think a light alone isn't enough? The GuardCam gives the option to blast out one of three audio warnings, including a surprisingly-effective barking dog. It also has an SD memory card slot that will store either 20-sec video clips or stills photos, captured whenever the sensor is tripped. A 2GB card is included, enough to store 750 video clips or 1,500 photos.

With all these features in-tow, the GuardCam is still well within reach financially. Even top-tier security lighting may be cheaper than you think.

Take a look at our full security lighting range.

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