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Plug and Play lighting - the ideal outdoor lighting solution

Author: Glenn Harper
Published: June 6, 2014

Plug and Play lighting - the benefits

Plug and play lighting allows end-users to easily design and install a tailored outdoor lighting scheme, without the need for an electrician. This modular low-voltage system is ideal for a garden, patio, poolside, or car park, and dramatically reduces the cost normally associated with a bespoke lighting solution.

Plug and Play lighting – getting started

<!---Click here to see how to set-up a Plug & Play lighting system--->

Click here to see how to select your plug & play lighting systemThere are three steps to a basic Plug and Play set up:

  1. Choose your combination of lights
  2. Choose the right transformer
  3. Choose cables and accessories

The lights and their 2-metre connecting cables hook up to the main cable with waterproof 2-pin plugged sockets. A 3-way connector is also available, which lets you attach up to three lights to each socket.

Expansion of your lighting scheme is simple with this modular approach. The main thing to remember is that the total wattage of the circuit should not exceed the maximum load of the transformer. We offer a choice of 22W, 60W, and 150W transformers, designed to supply power across at least 35m of cable.

Main power cables are sold in 10m lengths with four connecting sockets, or 15m lengths with six sockets. Extension cables are also available, allowing lights to be positioned further from the main cable. None of the cables theoretically need to be concealed, although a light covering of soil is recommended to avoid needless damage. Because the system is low voltage, there is no threat to life if the cables are accidentally sliced.

For a visual explanation of how to set up a Plug & Play system simply click here or on our infographic above.

<!--click here-->

Plug and Play lighting – in use

Our Plug and Play lighting products are designed to withstand the elements, and intended for year-round outdoor use. All power connections are watertight and suitable for siting in and around swimming pools or drainage areas. Included in the collection are bollards, post lights, spotlights, walkover lights, and wall lights.

There are various ways of controlling a Plug and Play lighting scheme. A dusk-to-dawn sensor automatically triggers lights at nightfall, and switches them off again after your specified duration. The sensor can control all of your lighting, or a single section of it, as you wish. Also available is a weatherproof wireless remote control, which can operate up to nine separate groups of lights at a maximum 40m range.

LED lights are incredibly energy efficient and last up to 20 times longer than halogen alternatives. However, halogen lights, which also feature in this range, offer superior colour rendering. They make a particularly strong choice for lighting red-coloured grasses, shrubs, trees, and decorations, with their naturally warm bias.

Safe and simple outdoor lighting

The inherent safety of a Plug and Play lighting scheme makes it a reassuring choice for the protection of children or pets. In many instances you won’t even need tools for installation, though a screwdriver may be required with some light fittings.

For businesses looking to renovate and update the look of their exteriors, our Plug and Play lighting range offers a solution that’s cost-effective, easy to install and flexible. Homeowners can reap the nocturnal rewards of their own property for minimal outlay.

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