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  • Seeing the light in 2013

    Author: Jon Sharman
    Published: January 23, 2013

    BMI Healthcare is set to enjoy big reductions in energy consumption and Co2 emissions in 2013 thanks to Lyco upgrading their lighting.

  • Lyco Direct – New website takes buying business lighting to the next level

    Author: Jon Sharman
    Published: January 17, 2013

    Lyco Direct launches streamlined new website which promises to make shopping for commercial lighting much easier and enjoyable.

  • Wattage comparison - Goodbye Watts - Hello Lumens

    Author: Mark Chapman
    Published: November 30, 2012

    The Goodbye Watts - Hello Lumens feature takes a look at Wattage Comparisons and explains all you need to know.

  • Energy Saving Bulbs Explored

    Author: Paul Marchant
    Published: November 29, 2012

    The Energy Saving Bulbs Explored feature takes a look at the types of energy saving bulbs available and how they can be beneficial.

  • Health and Safety at work guide

    Author: Peter Hopper
    Published: October 25, 2012

    Work safety is important to everyone even though the sheer mention of it produces a collective groan. Lyco have a full range of Health & Safety products to keep you legal and take care of those essential requirements

  • Security lighting - protect your premises

    Author: Paul Marchant
    Published: October 16, 2012

    Security lighting is the front line in protecting your premises against would-be intruders.. We take a look at those that simply deter right through to those that provide a complete protection system.

  • Energy Saving GLS - Traditional Bulb Replacement

    Author: Peter Hopper
    Published: October 12, 2012

    The Energy Saving GLS Bulbs is the successor to the traditional incandescent but what is in a name? We take a look at the bulb which will be filling fittings as standard from now on.

  • A guide to retrofit bulbs

    Author: Mark Chapman
    Published: October 4, 2012

    Retrofit bulbs offer a great way of improving efficiency and saving money without having to invest in new light fittings? Let us explain...

  • Emergency Lighting - Helping you get out - FAST

    Author: Peter Hopper
    Published: September 26, 2012

    Emergency lighting can be much more than simply pointing to the way out. We take a look at the basic options and those that offer a higher degree of visibility for different reasons.

  • Do I go for sticks and spirals or covered shape bulbs

    Author: Mark Chapman
    Published: September 24, 2012

    Choosing the right bulb these days can be such a chore, what with so many types being available. In this feature we bring together the three main types of energy saving bulbs and highlight where each one works best.

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