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Genting Casinos – LED conversion case study

Author: Jon Sharman
Published: March 6, 2013

Lyco – a name you can trust

For many years now Lyco, one of the UK’s leading lighting suppliers, have been the company to turn to when it comes to improving your business lighting. Some of the UK’s biggest names have trusted Lyco to help them convert to a more efficient form of lighting. Such conversions not only improve the way that the company presents themselves in terms of their lighting but also save them time and money, which ultimately makes them more profitable in the long run. The return on investment for the client is always at the forefront of any Lyco LED conversion project.

The following case study relates to Genting Casinos in the United Kingdom.


Leading UK lighting experts Lyco help the UK’s largest casino group Genting to ‘go green’ by replacing all their lighting with the very latest in LED technology.


Lyco undertake a feasibility study and cost analysis to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions by installing a suitable LED solution across Genting sites.


Genting sites were all different. This meant that the installation engineers had to adapt to meet the requirements of each building. It was also important for the success of the project to gain ‘buy in’ from the Managers of each site. Once the level of energy and maintenance saving had been substantiated they were ‘sold’.


The main benefits of the Genting Casinos conversion to LED were:

  • Energy savings of up to 90%
  • Maintenance cost and time spent replacing the current light bulbs vastly reduced – instead of replacing bulbs every 3 months they would only need to be replaced every 3.5 years
  • Carbon emissions reduced by 762 tonnes


The conversion programme, project managed by Lyco, was completed on time and within budget. Genting Casinos will see a return on their investment within one year.

Let Lyco help

If you have any queries regarding upgrading your business lighting to LED or need some general advice on LED conversions please do not hesitate to contact Lyco on 0843 317 7820 and we will be more than happy to advise and assist.

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