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Emergency Lighting - Helping you get out - FAST

Author: Peter Hopper
Published: September 26, 2012

Emergency lighting is a crucial element in the rapid evacuation of any kind of building in an emergency situation. No matter how large and unobstructed the emergency exits, or how well thought out the emergency evacuation procedures may be, if the building is suddenly plunged into darkness, escaping becomes near impossible. Exits cannot be located, best laid plans collapse, the exits are rendered useless and wholesale panic ensues. It’s a fair bet that more fatalities will occur because of that than because of the original emergency.

In these situations light is life! Fortunately we live in a time and place where the law of the land does not allow us to turn an emergency into a total disaster in this manner. Any establishment that welcomes the general public in through its doors is required by law to provide adequate means of getting them out again quickly in any emergency, including the provision of adequate emergency lighting.

It’s more than mere compliance

If all you want to do is comply with the regulations in the cheapest way possible then emergency lighting can be provided in the most basic form. However the kind of premises that are under an obligation to provide emergency lighting are frequently those whose patrons expect them to offer a stylish ambience rather than the most basic facilities.

That being the case you probably go to considerable trouble and expense to provide an elegant and sophisticated venue. Crudely designed basic emergency lighting will rather detract from that impression of suave sophistication and there is no need to put up with that.

Eye catching save lives

Modern, well designed emergency lighting is eye-catching without being intrusive. People should notice it as a reassuring indication that the place is well managed without feeling intimidated by it.

Some excellent examples of tastefully designed and effective emergency lighting can be found on here on Lyco. An emergency LED bulkhead light is a neat rectangular unit with legend boards indicating route to safety, whilst this emergency sign box incorporates a 4 Watt LED to perform a similar function.

Signs like these that show the way to get out and remain illuminated when the power fails are vital but you need lights in the area where the customers are gathered that also stay on or come on when the electricity supply goes down. Likewise any passageways leading to safety will need to remain illuminated at least until everyone is out of the building. Several of Lyco’s emergency lighting products are ideally suited to these situations. The 3W LED compact emergency downlight in a white finish is one such product. Only 40mm in diameter it fits unobtrusively in the ceiling gently glowing green when all is well and providing a bright white light if the mains power fails.

The Carina Emergency White and the Twin Spot emergency fitting are emergency lighting units well worth considering for emergency general illumination.

If you already have low energy or low voltage down lights installed, the Low Voltage Halogen to Emergency Downlight Kit might be just the thing for you. It converts low energy mains or low voltage downlights into emergency lighting and there is also an LED option available.

The lighting that a venue has to have in place to ensure compliance with the law and to help save lives in an emergency doesn’t need to be purely functional. The aesthetic appeal of the place can be enhanced by installing good looking emergency lighting.

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