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Dusk To Dawn Lights - More Than Just Lighting

Author: Peter Hopper
Published: June 21, 2012

Dusk to dawn lights do indeed light up your business premises and in doing so bring other benefits  like  peace of mind for you, improved profitability for your business  and greatly improve the night time ambience of the premises. How does dusk to dawn lighting achieve all this?

Peace of mind lighting

Let’s take the peace of mind bit first, in other words, security. Dusk to dawn lights make your building appear occupied even when it is not. Intruders have to enter the illuminated area to be certain of whether or not anybody is around. It is well known that most criminals do not like being illuminated whilst ‘working’! Combine dusk to dawn lights with cctv and you will have done all you can to ensure the security of your premises.

A welcoming sight

A business whose premises are open all night or late into the night, such as a hotel, motel, bar or other 24 hour business,  wants the world to know it’s open. Dusk to dawn lights mean your potential customers can see that you are there, at their service!

The benefits of dusk to dawn lighting go way beyond attracting customers when you are open at night and deterring villains when you’re not. Having attracted customers to the premises, the right dusk to dawn lights create a welcoming atmosphere, particularly important when guests arrive late at night at a hotel or motel for example.

Automatic Lighting

So how does this dusk to dawn lighting work? Well, it should work automatically so you don’t have to remember to turn it on and off.  That’s achieved by light sensors, either built in to the individual dusk to dawn lights or as a separate sensor controlling a number of lights. Lyco supply a dusk to dawn photocell with timer that’s compatible with their Plug and Play range, so you can use Plug and Play lights in your dusk to dawn lighting plan.

You can mix and match the types of lights and sensors which provide the flexibility needed to cater for a variety of premises and requirements. For the ultimate flexibility plus zero running costs, many of the Lyco solar powered range are suitable for dusk to dawn lighting. Use these where a softer, atmospheric light is called for. Not needing any cables, you can position them anywhere you like provided they are exposed to sunlight throughout the daylight hours.

The right lighting for the job

Using the right dusk to dawn lights for each location and purpose is the key to success. To floodlight the building either for security or to show off a beautiful façade, you need the Lyco TRAC Premium 70w SON Floodlight with dusk to dawn sensor giving fully automatic operation. For charming effects in the gardens use KonstSmide Assiso Solar LED Garden Spike lamps from Lyco or  Solar Ball lightsSolar Ball lights which also come with a spike to plant them in the ground.

Wall lights can be part of your dusk to dawn lighting scheme too of course and Lyco recommend IP44 Nemi Globe Wall Lights with dusk to dawn sensors built in. For situations where lamps that fit close to the wall with minimal projection are called for, use TRAC Energy Saving Wall Lights in the dusk to dawn lighting version.

Dusk to dawn lights set in the ground and shining upwards create a magical effect whilst giving great illumination. A Larch LED Ground Lights Set with the photocell and timer wired in is just the job.

For a final example of choosing the right dusk to dawn lights for your project, garden spotlights are really effective. The Selene Set of 2 Solar Garden Spot Lights is ideal. They have no wires so you can put them anywhere and incur no running costs!

Decisions, decisions

Just decide what kind of dusk to dawn lighting you need and where it is to be installed, choose your units using the foregoing paragraphs as a guide, then install them. Use solar lights or the Plug and Play system and you can install it all yourself. For a mains powered system you’ll need an electrician to do it for you. Either way, you’ll be delighted with the result and so will your customers.

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