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Display lighting - professional show-offs

Author: Glenn Harper
Published: June 29, 2012

Nobody likes a show-off, right? Well ordinarily no, but in the world of lighting the show-off is the one that creates a show rather than steals one. It’s the light that works selflessly behind the scenes so that others might shine. The display light will spotlight your master of ceremonies on the stage, it’ll show off your merchandise to its best advantage, your display cabinets will sparkle, and your shop space will become inviting and easy on the eye. Good lighting will help evoke a positive emotional response. In short, professional display lighting is a vital consideration in allowing your business or enterprise to thrive.

More than one way to shine

Professional display lighting generally come in two types of installation: surface mounted and recessed. Surface mounted lights provide a versatile answer to your display needs, being simple to install and easily movable whenever you need to rearrange your merchandise or exhibits. As an example, the Zeta Metal Halide Display Light sheds a crisp, untainted white light that's sure to show your items to their best advantage. If you require lighting that is unobtrusive and blends seamlessly into the decor, recessed lights are for you. Have a look at Lyco's selection of recessed downlights and spotlights, and remember we're always on hand to lend our expertise.

Standout Salons

Let's explore some of the different display lighting scenarios, starting with a hair salon. You'll want to put your customer at ease and make them feel good about themselves by avoiding harsh, unflattering frontal lighting that is too directional. At each workstation you might place warm lights around the perimeter of a facing mirror to create diffused, shadowless ring lighting that is kind on your customers and their complexion, whilst overhead a strong light with accurate colour rendering will be important in ensuring your clients don't walk out with a nightmarish hue of hair!

The linking look

A solution such as a Lyco Slimline Linkable Fluorescent Fitting with diffuser is perfect for use in lighting retail displays, or as under-cabinet lighting or interior perimeter lighting. Easily installed, up to six of these lights can be joined together: all feeding off of the same power source. Their slender design means they'll squeeze into areas where other forms of lighting may be too cumbersome.

Highlighting style

If you're a gallery owner, hotelier or restauranteur you may be looking to light up pictures or menus whilst simultaneously creating an inviting, intimate atmosphere? Lyco offer a selection of picture lights perfect for such projects. LED technology is particularly useful in illuminating fragile picture surfaces and textiles as it generates no heat.

Grab the spotlight

Perhaps you're a nightclub owner or theatre stage manager? Then you'll want to pay particular attention to lighting effects. Our long nose PAR lights are perfect for focusing attention on your leading actors and actresses as they strut and fret their hour upon the stage, whereas powerful short nose PAR 56 lights emit a strong, long-distance beam ideal for use in nightclubs and discos. Mix and match to achieve exactly what you want, and get creative with our separately available colour filters!

Presentation is the key

Modern life is fast; information is hurled at us from all directions so that much of it escapes our gaze. By being a professional show-off you'll capture the imaginations of your audience, be they theatre-goers, nightclubbing movers and shakers, or day-to-day consumers looking for beauty and inspiration. Presentation is everything, and nobody can help you more in that direction than Lyco!

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