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CFL & Tube Code Lookup Charts

Author: Jon Sharman
Published: July 10, 2014

Finding the exact linear fluorescent tube or pin-fitting CFL that you need is rarely a straight-forward task, especially when faced with numerous product codes and reference numbers. Here at Lyco we stock a wide range of great value fluorescents at competitive prices and as well as offering most of the popular tubes types available, we also stock many compatible alternatives.

If you have a reference code but can’t find exactly what you need, why not take a look at our reference charts below? Simply use the links and find the code on the relevant sheet, or for a quick cheat, press Ctrl+F and search for your desired code. Once you've found it, click the Lyco equivalent link at the start of the row to be taken to the appropriate fluorescent that you need.

Fluorescent Tubes

T5 High Efficency Tubes T5 High Output Tubes Mini T5 Tubes T8 Tubes

Compact Fluorescent

2-Pin CFL 4-Pin CFL
2-Pin Single 4-Pin Single
2-Pin Double 4-Pin Double
2-Pin Triple 4-Pin Triple
4-Pin Long

Fluorescent Tube Manufacturer's Number Lookup Chart

T5 High Efficency Tubes

Equivalent T5 LongLast™ High Efficiency Lumilux T5 HE Master TL5 HE T5 Luxline Plus FHE
72952 F14W/T5/835/LL FH 14W/835HE - -
72953 F14W/T5/840/LL FH14W/840HE 14W/840 FHE14W/840
10308 F14W/T5/865/LL FH14W/865HE 14W/865 FHE14W/860
72954 F21W/T5/835/LL FH21W/835HE - -
72955 F21W/T5/840/LL FH21W/840HE 21W/840 FHE21W/840
10309 F21W/T5/865/LL FH21W/865HE 21W/865 FHE21W/860
72956 F28W/T5/835/LL FH28W/835HE - -
72957 F28W/T5/840/LL FH28W/840HE 28W/840 FHE28W/840
10310 F28W/T5/865/LL FH28W/865HE 28W/865 FHE28W/860
72958 F35W/T5/835/LL FH35W/835HE - -
72959 F35W/T5/840/LL FH35W/840HE 35W/840 FHE35W/840
10311 F35W/T5/865/LL FH35W/865HE 35W/865 FHE35W/860

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T5 High Output Tubes

Equivalent T5 LongLast™ High Output Lumilux T5 HO Master TL5 HO T5 Luxline Plus FHO
72960 F24W/T5/835/LL FH24W/835HO - -
72961 F24W/T5/840/LL FH24W/840HO 24W/840 FHO24W/840
10312 F24W/T5/865/LL FH24W/865HO 24W/865 FHO24W/860
72963 F39W/T5/840/LL FH39W/840HO 39W/840 FHO39W/840
10313 F39W/T5/865/LL FH39W/865HO 39W/865 FHO39W/860
72964 F49W/T5/835/LL FH49W/835HO - -
72965 F49W/T5/840/LL FH49W/840HO 49W/840 FHO49W/840
10314 F49W/T5/865/LL FH49W/885HO 49W/865 FHO49W/860
72966 F54W/T5/835/LL FH54W/835HO - -
72967 F54W/T5/840/LL FH54W/840HO 54W/840 FHO54W/840
10315 F54W/T5/865/LL FH54W/865HO 54W/865 FHO54W/860
72968 F80W/T5/840/LL FH80W/840HO 80W/840 FHO80W/840

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Mini T5 Tubes

Equivalent T5 Miniature Standard Energy Saver (Basic) T5 short TL Mini T5 Standard
1315 F4W/T5/35 - - -
1317 F6W/T5/35 - - -
1319 F8W/T5/29 - - F8W/129
1320 F8W/T5/35 - - -
1321 F8W/T5/33 L8W/640 8W/33-640 F8W/133

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T8 Tubes

Equivalent T8 Polylux XLR™ LongLast™ Lumilux XT T8 Master TL-D Xtra -
72594 F58W/T8/840/POLYLUX/LL L58W/840XT 58W/840 -
T8 Polylux XLR™ Lumilux T8 Master TL-D Super 80 T8 Luxline Plus
10264 FF15W/T8/835 POLYLUX - - -
10265 F15W/T8/840/POLYLUX L15W/840 15W/840 F15W/840
1701 F18W/T8/830/POLYLUX L18W/830 18W/830 F18W/830
50205 F18W/T8/835/POLYLUX L18W/835 - F18W/835
1696 F18W/T8/840/POLYLUX L18W/840 18W/840 F18W/840
8150 F18W/T8/860/POLYLUX L18W/865 18W/865 F18W/860
10266 F30W/T8/830/POLYLUX L30W/830 30W/830 F30W/830
10267 F30W/T8/840/POLYLUX L30W/840 30W/840 F30W/840
1702 F36W/T8/830/POLYLUX L36W/830 36W/830 F36W/830
50202 F36W/T8/835/POLYLUX L36W/835 - F36W/835
1697 F36W/T8/840/POLYLUX L36W/840 36W/840 F36W/840
8610 F36W/T8/860/POLYLUX L36W/865 36W/865 F36W/865
1703 F58W/T8/830/POLYLUX L58W/830 58W/830 F58W/830
50203 F58W/T8/835/POLYLUX L58W/835 F58W/835
1698 F58W/T8/840/POLYLUX L58W/840 58W/840 F58W/840
8843 F58W/T8/860/POLYLUX L58W/865 58W/865 F58W/860
50204 F70W/T8/835/POLYLUX L70W/835 - F70W/840
1699 F70W/T8/840/POLYLUX L70W/840 70W/840 -

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Compact Fluorescent Manufacturer's Number Lookup Chart

2-Pin CFLs

Biax™S 2pin Dulux S PLS Lynx-S
71283 F5BX/827 DULUX S 5W/827 PL-S 5W/827/2P Lynx S 5W/827
71290 F5BX/840 DULUX S 5W/840 PL-S 5W/840/2P Lynx S 5W/840
71284 F7BX/830 DULUX S 7W/830 PL-S 7W/830/2P Lynx S 7W/830
10290 F7BX/835 - - Lynx S 7W/835
71285 F7BX/840 DULUX S 7W/840 PL-S 7W/840/2P Lynx S 7W/840
10291 F9BX/835 - - Lynx S 9W/835
71287 F9BX/840 DULUX S 9W/840 PL-S 9W/840/2P Lynx S 9W/840
71288 F11BX/830 DULUX S 11W/830 PL-S 11W/830/2P Lynx S 11W/830
10292 F11BX/835 - - Lynx S 11W/835
71289 F11BX/840 DULUX S 11W/840 PL-S 11W/840/2P Lynx S 11W/840

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Equivalent Biax™D 2pin Dulux-D PL-C Lynx-D
71299 F10DBX/830 DULUX D 10W/830 PL-C 10W/830/2P Lynx D 10W/830
10293 F10DBX/835 - - Lynx D 10W/835
71300 F10DBX/840 DULUX D 10W/840 PL-C 10W/840/2P Lynx D 10W/840
71301 F13DBX/830 DULUX D 13W/830 PL-C 13W/830/2P Lynx D 13W/830
71302 F13DBX/840 DULUX D 13W/840 PL-C 13W/840/2P Lynx D 13W/840
71303 F18DBX/830 DULUX D 18W/830 PL-C 18W/830/2P Lynx D 18W/830
10295 F18DBX/835 - PL-C 18W/835/2P Lynx D 18W/835
71304 F18DBX/840 DULUX D 18W/840 - Lynx D 18W/840
71305 F26DBX/830 DULUX D 26W/830 PL-C 26W/830/2P Lynx D 26W/830
10296 F26DBX/835 - - Lynx D 26W/835
71306 F26DBX/840 DULUX D 26W/21840 PL-C 26W/840/2P Lynx D 26W/840

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Equivalent Biax™T 2pin Dulux T PL-T Lynx-S
72071 F13TBX/830/A/2P DULUX T 13W/830 PL-T 13W/830/2P -
72072 F13TBX/840/A/2P DULUX T 13W/840 PL-T 13W/840/2P -
72073 F18TBX/830/A/2P DULUX T 18W/830 PL-T 18W/830/2P Lynx T 18W/830
72074 F18TBX/84O/A/2P DULUX T 18W/840 PL-T 18W/840/2P Lynx T 18W/840
72075 F26TBX/830/A/2P DULUX T 26W/830 PL-T 26W/830/2P Lynx T 26W/830
72076 F26TBX/840/A/2P DULUX T 26W/840 PL-T 26W/840/2P Lynx T 26W/840

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4-Pin CFLs

Equivalent Biax™S/E 4pin Dulux-SE PLS Lynx - SE
72053 F5BX/827/4P DULUX S/E 5W827 PL-S 5W/827/4P Lynx SE 5W/827
72054 F5BX/840/4P DULUX S/E 5W/840 PL-S 5W/840/4P Lynx SE 5W/840
72055 F7BX/827/4P DULUX S/E 7W/827 PL-S 7W/827/4P Lynx SE 7W/827
72056 F7BX/840/4P DULUX S/E 7W/840 PL-S 7W/840/4P Lynx SE 7W/840
72057 F9BX/827/4P DULUX S/E 9W/827 PL-S 9W/827/4P Lynx SE 9W/827
72058 F9BX/840/4P DULUX S/E 9W/840 PL-S 9W/840/4P Lynx SE 9W/840
72059 F11BX/840/4P DULUX S/E 11W/840 PL-S 11W/840/4P Lynx SE 11W/840

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Equivalent Biax™D/E 4pin Dulux-DE PL-C Lynx-DE
10297 F10DBX/830/4P/EOL DULUX D/E 10W/830 PL-C 10W/830/4P Lynx DE 10W/830
10299 F10DBX/840/4P/EOL DULUX D/E 10W/840 PL-C 10W/840/4P Lynx DE 10W/840
71315 F13DBX/830/4P/EOL DULUX D/E 13W/830 PL-C 13W/830/4P Lynx DE 13W/830
71316 F13DBX/840/4P/EOL DULUX D/E 13W/840 PL-C 13W/840/4P Lynx DE 13W/840
71317 F18DBX/830/4P/EOL DULUX D/E 18W/830 PL-C 18W/830/4P Lynx DE 18W/830
10301 F18DBX/835/4P/EOL - - Lynx DE 18W/835
71318 F18DBX/840/4P/EOL DULUX D/E 18W/840 PL-C 18W/840/4P Lynx DE 18W/840
71319 F26DBX/830/4P/EOL DULUX D/E 26W/830 PL-C 26W/830/4P Lynx DE 26W/830
10302 F26DBX/835/4P/EOL - - Lynx DE 26W/835
71320 F26DBX/840/4P/EOL DULUX D/E 26W/840 PL-C 26W/840/4P Lynx DE 26W/840

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Equivalent Biax™T/E 4pin Dulux T/E PL-T Lynx- TE
10303 F13TBX/835/A/4P/EOL - - -
10304 F18TBX/835/A/4P/EOL - - -
10305 F26TBX/835/A/4P/EOL - - -
10306 F32TBX/835/A/4P/EOL - - -
72077 F13TBX/830/A/4P/EOL DULUX T/E 13W/830 PL-T 13W/830/4P -
72078 F13TBX/840/A/4P/EOL DULUX T/E 13W/840 PL-T 13W/840/4P -
72079 F18TBX/830/A/4P/EOL DULUX T/E 18W/830 PL-T 18W/830/4P Lynx TE 18W/830
72080 F18TBX/840/A/4P/EOL DULUX T/E 18W/840 PL-T 18W/840/4P Lynx TE 18W/840
72081 F26TBX/830/A/4P/EOL DULUX T/E 26W/830 PL-T 26W/830/4P Lynx TE 26W/830
72082 F26TBX/840/A/4P/EOL DULUX T/E 26W/840 PL-T 26W/840/4P Lynx TE 26W/840
72083 F32TBX/830/A/4P/EOL DULUX T/E 32W/830 PL-T 32W/830/4P Lynx TE 32W/830
72084 F32TBX/840/A/4P/EOL DULUX T/E 32W/840 PL-T 32W/840/4P Lynx TE 32W/840

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Equivalent Biax™L 4pin Dulux-L PL-L Lynx L & Lynx-LE
72061 F18BX/830 DULUX L 18W/830 PL-L 18W/830/4P Lynx L 18W/830
10285 F18BX/835 - PL-L 18W/835/4P Lynx L 18W/835
72062 F18BX/840 DULUX L 18W/840 PL-L 18W/840/4P Lynx L 18W/840
72063 F24BX/830 DULUX L 24W/830 PL-L 24W/830/4P Lynx L 24W/830
10286 F24BX/835 - PL-L 24W/835/4P Lynx L 24W/835
72064 F24BX/840 DULUX L 24W/840 PL-L 24W/840/4P Lynx L 24W/840
72065 F36BX/830 DULUX L 36W/830 PL-L 36W/830/4P Lynx L 36W/830
10287 F36BX/835 - PL-L 36W/835/4P Lynx L 36W/835
72066 F36BX/840 DULUX L 36W/840 PL-L 36W/840/4P Lynx L 36W/840
72067 F40BX/830 DULUX L 40W/830 PL-L 40W/830/4P Lynx LE 40W/830
10288 F40BX/835 - PL-L 40W/835/4P Lynx LE 40W/835
72068 F40BX/840 DULUX L 40W/840 PL-L 40W/840/4P Lynx LE 40W/840
72069 F55BX/830 DULUX L 55W/830 PL-L 55W/830/4P Lynx LE 55W/830
10289 F55BX/835 - PL-L 55W/835/4P Lynx LE 55W/835
72070 F55BX/840 DULUX L 55W/840 PL-L 55W/840/4P Lynx LE 55W/840

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